[FPSPACE] Russia commemorates 150th anniversary of 'Father of Space Travel'

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At 3 o'clock in the afternoon all participants at thec 42 tsiolkovski  
reading got together at the park in front of the museum wher the  
monument is of the grave of Tsiolkovski. Together with cosmonauts  
Sevastianov and Kaleri the govenor of Kaluga district laid flowers at  
the monument followed by the rest of the group and children from a  
school in Kaluga. After that we gathered at the drama theater in  
Kaluga for the official opening of the readings. By russian traditian  
many medals were given to as many people  The next two days the  
reading went on at tyhe white house of Kaluga bu8t I did not think  
many people where attending. I have seen pictures of older reading  
where the rooms were full of people , but now in history session there  
were no more than 25 people.But for me it was intersting . I met many  
interesting people. I think if any one want to have another holliday  
resort Kaluga is one. There is even a small beach on the Oka river.The  
wodka is not that good but very cheap.So I am back in Korolov now and  
will go next week to Saratov (Gagarin landing Site ) and Wogograd to  
find out how far I can come to Kapustin yar.
Greeetings from your reporter on site

Quoting Jim Oberg <jeoberg at comcast.net>:

> An anniversary to celebrate, on Earth and (I hope) off it!
> September 17, 2007, 9:19
> Russia commemorates 150th anniversary of 'Father of Space Travel'
>    Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the space   
> scientist, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The pioneer of astronautic theory  
>  was the first to put forward the theory of rocket flight in space,   
> and played a significant role in the development of Russia's space   
> industry.
> Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a visionary, who, decades ahead of his   
> time, believed the future of human life would be in outer space.
>    When mankind finally broke free of the Earth's shackles, it was a  
>  Russian cosmonaut who did so.  Yury Gagarin was the man who became   
> famous, but it was Tsiolkovsky's ideas that got him there.   
> Self-taught in mathematics, astronomy and physics, he described how   
> rockets could work in space and gained the reputation as the father   
> of space travel.
>    "Tsiolkovsky calculated the horizontal speed required for orbit   
> around the Earth and conceived the idea of space exploration.   
> Overall he was a pioneer of human space flight," said Yury Karash, a  
>  space expert.
>    Konstantin Tsiolkovsky dedicated his life to his astronautic   
> research, having dreamt of  space travel since he was a boy. He   
> lived to see his visionary concepts beginning to turn into reality.   
> His proteges built on the foundation laid by Tsiolkovsky.
>    Just before he died, Tsiolkovsky said his entire life had   
> consisted of nothing but musings, calculations and theories, but his  
>  influence on the first generation of Russian space engineers is   
> unquestionable.
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