[FPSPACE] First Israeli-built SAR satellite slated to be launched by India this week

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Thu Sep 20 12:57:01 EDT 2007

Forgive the dumb question - I'm too lazy to look up the background

IIRC, the Ofeq-series of spysats mass in at /circa/ 300 kg, and fly
in somewhat retrograde polar orbits. They were put up by Israeli
rockets from Israeli territory, and they paid a heckuva launch
penalty. Nevertheless, they did that. Now, according the article, the
Tecsar is in the same mass range and presumably would fly in a
similar orbit. (Perhaps that assumption of mine is mistaken.) Why
then farm out the launch service for a mission of this importance?
Surely not just a foreign policy stunt. Either the mass figure quoted
in the /J.Post/ was wrong or disinformation, or the Indian half of
the deal is some kind of /quid pro quo/ . This in turns suggests that
there is some deeper, more important, military-technical cooperation
between the two countries. There's certainly no shortage of brains in
India, and they're growing like gangbusters, so that's plausible. But
then the Israelis have always excelled at finding interesting
strategic bedfellows, from Day One.

Just speculatin' here.

>The takeoff from India follow's June launch of the Ofek-7 spy
>Weighing just under 300 kilograms, the Tecsar, was developed by

In curiosity,

Robert G Kennedy III, PE

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