[FPSPACE] First Israeli-built SAR satellite slated to be launched...by India this week

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Thu Sep 20 10:34:47 EDT 2007

>Israeli space capabilities will take a giant leap this week when an
>missile launches the IDF's most-advanced satellite to date, capable of
>The takeoff from India follow's June launch of the Ofek-7 spy
>Weighing just under 300 kilograms, the Tecsar,
>This will be the first time that Israel is launching a satellite
aboard an
>Indian missile.  [snip]

     The major technical advantage for Israel was that before this it
was the only space power in the world that had to launch westwards. So
launching from India it can place added mass into orbit.  

        Such military cooperation is also diplomatically complicated.
It signals that both govts. are cross with the same or similar someone.
But India is cooperating with Iran to build the trans-Pakistan gas
pipeline, while at the same time lauching Israel's spysat to take photos
& radar photos of Iran! I suppose that is called being pragmatic or

>Aerospace Industries, which Peres helped to found in 1953, when he
>director-general of the Defense Ministry.  [snip]

     Gosh - how many political leaders are still around fifty-four
years later? Not even Castro.

>IAI employs around 25,000 people. Peres said its contribution to both
>national security and to the economy were inestimable. Elta's sales so
>this year are in excess of $3 billion. 

       When Yitchak Nissen, president of IAI, was in Hyderabad, India,
in June, the newspapers published IAI's proposal to design & manufacture
in India a sixty-seat airliner. I formed an impression that the
long-standing IAI-India military cooperation is now blossoming into
diversifying into civil aviation & other civilian applications.

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