[FPSPACE] First Israeli-built SAR satellite slated to belaunched...by India this week

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The most recent informations say that this launch was delayed because of 
problems encountered during the GSLV launch and will take place on October 

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> Israel to launch spy satellite in India
> By YAAKOV KATZ AND <mailto:editors at jpost.com>  GREER FAY CASHMAN
> Israeli space capabilities will take a giant leap this week when an Indian
> missile launches the IDF's most-advanced satellite to date, capable of
> transmitting tiny images in all weather conditions.
> The takeoff from India follow's June launch of the Ofek-7 spy satellite. 
> The
> satellite to be placed in orbit this week is called Tecsar and was 
> developed
> and manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries. It will be the first
> Israeli satellite with Synthetic Aperture Radar capabilities, allowing the
> camera to take pictures of targets under cloudy and foggy conditions, a
> capability not available in Israel's Ofek satellite series.
> Weighing just under 300 kilograms, the Tecsar, was developed by the IAI's
> Space Division MBT. The Ofek 7 is a camera-based satellite while Tecsar is
> capable of creating high-resolution images using advanced radar 
> technology.
> The Synthetic Aperture Radar technology was developed by IAI's Elta
> subsidiary.
> This will be the first time that Israel is launching a satellite aboard an
> Indian missile. The decision to launch the missile from India was reached
> three years ago during a visit there by then-Defense ministry
> director-general Amos Yaron.
> While declining to reveal the new satellite's performance levels, 
> officials
> said it would be Israel's most advanced satellite by far. In addition to 
> the
> Ofek 7 and Eros B, and the Amos 1 and 2 (both communication satellites),
> Israel currently operates the Ofek 5 spy satellite, launched in May 2002.
> IAI plans to launch the Amos 3 in the coming months.
> "Israel has technological defense capability of the first order," 
> President
> Shimon Peres said on Wednesday after visiting Elta, a division of Israel
> Aerospace Industries, which Peres helped to found in 1953, when he was
> director-general of the Defense Ministry.
> At the tail-end of a daylong visit to Ashdod as a guest of Mayor Zvi 
> Zilker,
> Peres was afforded a closed door inspection of state-of-the-art equipment 
> at
> Elta.
> IAI employs around 25,000 people. Peres said its contribution to both
> national security and to the economy were inestimable. Elta's sales so far
> this year are in excess of $3 billion.
> Peres said that he would like every Israeli to know "that we have the best
> and most talented people in the world and we should be proud of their
> wonderful abilities."
> While hailing the quality of Israel's defense capabilities, Peres made it
> clear that the Jewish state was interested in peace, not war.
> Earlier in the day, when meeting with school children, religious and 
> secular
> authorities and other residents of the city, Peres recalled having first
> come there with David Ben-Gurion, when there was little else but sand.
> Today, Ashdod is a thriving city with a population of around 225,000
> representing the ingathering of the exiles, Peres said.
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