[FPSPACE] Offek 7 reconnaissance satellite aided in Israeli raid in Syria

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Tue Sep 18 08:16:06 EDT 2007

One line is perhaps a bit garbled in translation?

>According to an IAF source quoted in the report, Israel's Ofek 7
>launched in June, was diverted from above Iran toward Syria to
>intelligence on the target site. 

    to "divert" any satellite in LEO is horrendously expensive in terms
of propulsion mass.
   Surely Ofeq spysats weigh closer to 200 kg than say 5 tonnes?
   Do they perhaps mean that filming & image storage capacity was
diverted from the part of its orbit over Iran to the part of its orbit
over Syria?

>fighter jets participated in the operation. The planes, the paper
said, were
>equipped with Maverick missiles and 500-pound (227-kilogram) bombs.
>Escorting the pilots at high altitude was an ELINT (electronic
>gathering aircraft. 

   Should this part of the report be true, this is extraordinary. Every
Middle East dictatorship, especially Syria, lives with first-hand
experience of Israel's  total air supremacy for forty years. How can
they be so naive as to put any critical military facility, never mind
nuclear R&D, less than thirty metres underground? Have they really
forgotten the IAF bombing an Iraqi nuclear reactor building site a
quarter-century ago? 

     The North Korean dictator would never dream of that, even half a
century after the lesson of experiencing USAF control of the skies. And
Israel's reported 227 kg bombs are far smaller than the biggest used
even way back in WW2. Were the dambusters not ten tonne bombs?

      On the other hand, the fact that the Syrian govt. has not
protested more strongly to the UN, nor publicized civilian victims of
the bombing, nor an unprovoked attack against say a Syrian AF base,
indicates that it could only have been SOME sort of secret facility.
Perhaps a facility on behalf of Iran? Perhaps many dictatorships are
really more stupid & more arrogant than democracies? And if you have a
hereditary dictatorship, a psuedo-king, you inherit mediocrity as much
as the Bourbon kings. 

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