[FPSPACE] spaceflightnow.com hijacking

robot at esper.com robot at esper.com
Thu Sep 13 14:51:52 EDT 2007

This has been happening to a number of space-related sites; for
instance, an amateur astronomy site based in Florida a couple of
months earlier this summer. It's a new form of attack which exploits
a vulnerability in how Microsoft o/s (naturally it's them!) handles
domain name tables.

It's almost certainly the same perp, because the motive was the same
with this other site: selling souvenirs.

I'll post some more info when I get it.

Robert G Kennedy III, PE

From: David M Harland <dave.harland at ntlworld.com>
>The excellent space news website
>seems to have been hijacked by a
>souvenir vendor...

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