[FPSPACE] tourist

Jakob Terweij japio at dds.nl
Wed Sep 12 16:09:20 EDT 2007

first i dontlikec the russian klaviatura. every time i nt to write in  
english it started in russian.
last weekend i was at the datcha of boris ev tsertok. We drank a lot  
of cognac and talked about germany
nothing new came up but still...
Today i had an interview withv people vof kaliningrad pavda wiil be  
published next week so read it  in http//www.gazetakoroleva.ru
This week after the press conference of perminov last thursday  there  
were rumours about who will be the next tourist. Pewrminov said there  
is one russian rich person from the duma but wants to be unknown.
  He has to pay 25 miliion dollars but....  he is not the first  
russian who wants but never paid. lets wait. next wwe i will bec i  
kaluga for 150 years of tsiolkovski and the congres
So we will meet again

Jakob Terweij
j van Lennepstraat 249C
1053 JD Amsterdam

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