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>Dear list members!
>I am glad to inform that a new book has just been published in Russian:
>"D.O.Svyatsky, Astronomy of Ancient Russia",
>Moscow, Russkaya Panorama,  2007, ISBN 978-5-93165-102-0
>I served as an editor, expounder and author of appendices.
>The book is based on two treatises of D.O.Svyatsky.
>The first work "Astronomical events in Russian Chronicles from the
>scientifically-critical point of view" was published in 1915 and was never
>republished. The only later edition is very limited partial translation of
>A.N.Vyssotsky in 1949 in English  
>For a new edition I made a new extended search of known Russian Chronicles
>most of which were not available to Svyatsky. The new catalog of
>astronomical records from the chronicles (letopises) which is added to the
>book now includes ~1200 record - three times more than mentioned in the
>first edition. All found new records and new astronomical and historical
>knowledge since 1915 is reflected in comments.
>The number of recognized events now counts 64  for solar (49 in the first
>edition) and 54 (39) for lunar eclipses, 51 (34) comets, 26 (23) meteor
>showers, 54 (21) aurora borealis, 2 sun spots.
>The second work "Sketches on the History of Astronomy in Ancient Russia"
>finished in 1934 has been published before only in a series of publications
>in 1961-1966 in a Russian almanac "Historical-astronomical research".
>Michael Gorodetsky

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