[FPSPACE] RIA Novosti report on Perminov statements

pjp pjp961 at svol.net
Sat Sep 1 09:06:57 EDT 2007

Interestingly, this has the best rendition of his comments.


The biggest surprise material, at least for me, is the mention of a
low-earth orbital complex to assemble spaceships
.echoes of the comments of
Soviet space luminaries of the early and mid-1960s!  To go to Mars, or to
the Moon.  (Or perhaps, less dramatically, “assembling spacecraft” might
merely mean linking modules together for another space station complex.
This is not made clear by any of the reportage.)


It’s like, after seeing so much of the Soviet broadcast commentary out of
the 1960s, déjà vu all over again




Russia to send manned mission to the Moon by 2025 - space agency

31/08/2007 16:05 MOSCOW, August 31 (RIA Novosti) - Russia plans to send
cosmonauts to the Moon by 2025 and establish a permanent manned base there
in 2027-2032, the head of the space agency said Friday. 

Anatoly Perminov said that in accordance with Russia's space program through
2040, a manned flight to Mars will be carried out after 2035. 

He said that toward the end of this year, Russia will have 103 satellites in
orbit, up from the current 95. 

There are plans for a new space center in the country, but a site has not
yet been selected, he said. Russia currently launches all manned flights
from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan. Perminov said previously that
construction of a new launch facility would only begin after a new type of
spacecraft was built. 

A major source of revenue for the agency in recent years has been space
tourist flights from Baikonur to the International Space Station (ISS), with
tickets currently priced at around $30 million. Russia has put five wealthy
foreign tourists into space since 2001. 

Perminov said the first Russian space tourist, who will fly to the ISS in
2009, is a businessman and politician. 

"He asked me not to disclose his name yet. I can only say that he is a
serious young Russian businessman and politician. He is currently undergoing
medical tests." 

The agency chief said that in 2016-25, after the ISS is put out of
operation, Russia plans to deploy a platform in a low-earth orbit to
assemble spacecraft. 

The United States has said the station should be scrapped in 2015, while
Russia has proposed using the Russian segment until 2020. 

Perminov said: "The ISS will be transformed into a laboratory complex where
research will be conducted." 


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