[FPSPACE] Two Russian Space Books???

Kosmos327 at aol.com Kosmos327 at aol.com
Wed Oct 31 12:45:08 EST 2007

Fellow FPSpacer's,
I'm looking for two seemingly impossible to find books. The first is the  big 
NPO Mash 60 year anniversary book "60 лет самоотверженного труда 
во имя  мира". I've got the small color photo edition, but neither 
Eastview nor the  Library of Congress can locate a copy of the large one. The second 
is the  RSA book "50 лет впереди своего века". Same story ... not 
At this point I'm willing to beg, borrow, buy, barter in exchange for  
services, whatever it takes to get my hands on copies of these books, if only  for a 
few days.
Any leads on where or how I can get copies of these two publications would  
be ENORMOUSLY appreciated!
Best Regards,
David L. Rickman

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