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Hi all - 

This is related to American spiritualist beliefs from the early 1900's that all the planets were inhabited: Mars, Venus, Moon, etc. 

Contact me off list for a full account of how this nonsense first started and how it was continued to today.

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> It's that Hoagland character, I think, of the "Mars Face" infame.
> Basically he is saying that NASA photograph archives had "questionable"
> images expunged that showed alien artifacts or alien archaeological sites on
> the Moon that were discovered by the Apollo missions.  I viewed his website
> about his new book (I am thinking that this press conference is connected to
> that), and read the downloadable PDF file introduction to that volume.
> I'd like to see if this press conference will end up being something akin
> and equivalent to "blobsquatches" research (that is, having blobs in film or
> photography, that are claimed to be Sasquatch, without further evidence or
> research follow-up).  Doesn't mean that there aren't Sasquatches, just that
> these pieces of claimed evidence aren't them.
> Likewise, I suspect (I saw some of the imagery posted by Hoagland on his
> website for his new book) that he is misinterpreting some of what is there
> in the imagery.  I didn't find anything that struck me as alien in these
> photographs.  One of them even gave a distinct impression of Photoshop
> manipulation.  Some of the things he points to such as brightened ejecta
> doesn't constitute an "alien lighted city."
> Kind of reminds me of the famous Leonard book "Somebody else is on the Moon"
> with the alleged giant cranes, Quonset hut-like extended tunnels, alleged
> artificial miles-high spires and X-drone vehicles that were making the
> craters (spraying the material out of the craters) that Leonard claimed to
> see in mostly Lunar Orbiter photography.  
> www.darkmission.net
> I do not post this URL link because I find it truthful; rather it is being
> posted so that others can visit it if they so choose to see what "evidence"
> Hoagland is claiming.  (Yes, to his detriment, Hoagland also has the Free
> Masons and JFK's assassination intertwined in this.  Just makes me cringe.)
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