[FPSPACE] FW: [HASTRO-L] Interesting News Conference

pjp pjp961 at svol.net
Tue Oct 30 09:36:16 EST 2007

It's that Hoagland character, I think, of the "Mars Face" infame.

Basically he is saying that NASA photograph archives had "questionable"
images expunged that showed alien artifacts or alien archaeological sites on
the Moon that were discovered by the Apollo missions.  I viewed his website
about his new book (I am thinking that this press conference is connected to
that), and read the downloadable PDF file introduction to that volume.

I'd like to see if this press conference will end up being something akin
and equivalent to "blobsquatches" research (that is, having blobs in film or
photography, that are claimed to be Sasquatch, without further evidence or
research follow-up).  Doesn't mean that there aren't Sasquatches, just that
these pieces of claimed evidence aren't them.

Likewise, I suspect (I saw some of the imagery posted by Hoagland on his
website for his new book) that he is misinterpreting some of what is there
in the imagery.  I didn't find anything that struck me as alien in these
photographs.  One of them even gave a distinct impression of Photoshop
manipulation.  Some of the things he points to such as brightened ejecta
doesn't constitute an "alien lighted city."

Kind of reminds me of the famous Leonard book "Somebody else is on the Moon"
with the alleged giant cranes, Quonset hut-like extended tunnels, alleged
artificial miles-high spires and X-drone vehicles that were making the
craters (spraying the material out of the craters) that Leonard claimed to
see in mostly Lunar Orbiter photography.  


I do not post this URL link because I find it truthful; rather it is being
posted so that others can visit it if they so choose to see what "evidence"
Hoagland is claiming.  (Yes, to his detriment, Hoagland also has the Free
Masons and JFK's assassination intertwined in this.  Just makes me cringe.)

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