[FPSPACE] Future Hainan Island launch site

Allen Thomson thomsona at flash.net
Mon Oct 29 09:06:03 EST 2007


Six thousand people to be resettled to make way for new space launch
2007-10-29 19:36:03 	  	

    HAIKOU, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- More than 6,000 people will be
relocated in China's southern island province of Hainan to make way for
a new space launch center.

    Mayor Yan Zheng of Wenchang city, on Hainan's northeastern coast,
said at a meeting on land acquisition on Monday that 1,200 hectares
would be obtained for the center.

    Residents to be relocated will be mainly from Longlou and Dongjiao
townships in Wenchang, a sparsely populated area in Hainan Island.

    The new launch center is expected to be completed in 2012 and
formally put into use in 2013.

    The site would be mainly used for launching synchronous satellites,
heavy satellites, large space stations, and deep space probe
satellites, according to a plan published in late September.

    The plan has been approved by the State Council and the Central
Military Commission.

    A space themed park, with a budget of seven billion yuan (about 875
million U.S. dollars) and occupying an area of 407 hectares, will also
be constructed near the launch center. It is envisioned to create jobs
for resettlers.


A quick bit of research indicates that Longlou is at 19.652 N, 110.963
E ; Dongjao is at 19.567 N, 110.867 E.  These locations are some 14 km
apart, and each is next to a point of land/minicape.  Perhaps two
launch areas for different kinds of missions are planned, or one area
for the launch site and the other for the theme park??  Anybody here
know the details of the plan?

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