[FPSPACE] Update on 100 Stories About Docking Volume II

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Chris Faranetta has sent me a note indicating that the second volume of 
Vladimir Syromyatnikov's "100 Stories About Docking In Space And Other 
Adventures" has been sent to an editor and should be ready for 
publication in mid-January 2008.  Vladimir was the lead engineer for 
docking systems at Energia and decided to write about his life's 
experiences and all of the various projects he had worked on while 
getting ready for the start of the join Shuttle-Mir docking missions.  
Volume-I has been published in both Russian and English editions 
covering his amazing childhood through to the completion of the 
Apollo-Soyuz program.  An index of the planned contents of Volume-II was 
printed at the back of Volume-I but it was feared that it would not get 
published because of his untimely death about a year ago.  Apparently 
the manuscript for Volume-II was in a sufficiently complete state that 
it could be turned over to an editor and will be published within a few 
months.  I am sure Chris will have more details on this as it nears 


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Here is an update on the Russian Language version of "100 Stories About 
Docking Volume II". The editor is about halfway through the manuscript 
and the hope is to have the book ready for release by mid-January 2008.




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Subject: 	Re: Chapter-1.2
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Dear David!
Thank You again for the chapters. Also I will follow Your recommendations
during the final preparations of my manuscript. Since You have edited most
of the stories of the first Chapter it will be good if You will comment on
the rest of the stories You have not seen so far. I'm sending two of them.
At least they will be of some interest as I hope.
It was also my pleasure to read something about Your childhood and family. I
hope to hear more. I will You some day soon.

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