[FPSPACE] Looking for Tiapechenko's NIIAO Almaz Control Panels Article

Paolo Ulivi paolo.ulivi at tiscali.it
Sat Oct 20 04:08:23 EDT 2007

it is archived on archive.org. See 

Kosmos327 at aol.com wrote:

>Hi All,
>Back in Aug. of 2004 I posted a URL for an article written by Yuri  
>Tiapechenko and posted on the NIIAO web site which detailed the control panels  
>designed for the Almaz/TKS program. For some time this was also posted on  the 
>"Cosmoworld" web site. Jim Oberg's prophetic response was "I hope somebody  saves 
>this NEW valuable data, since I'm beginning to worry that Russian law  
>enforcement may soon again consider such information "secret" ..."
>Well, it seems that all traces of this article have indeed vanished.  
>Unfortunately, I have also lost my copy of the article.
>If someone else saved a copy of this article, could you please forward it  to 
>me! I would be extremely grateful!
>Best Regards,
>David L. Rickman
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