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Greetings Everyone.


In honor of the beginning of the sixth decade of the Space Age, this is a
preliminary announcement of a new article publication, that is slated to
appear in November in the JBIS supplement periodical "Chronicle," issued by
the British Interplanetary Society.


Its title:  "Lifting the Veil:  What US Intelligence Knew in the 1960s about
the Soviet Space Program."


A URL link to a page on BIS publications:





Questions of interest to our readership:


What did US Intelligence Know about the Soviet Space Program in the 1960s,
and When Did It Know it?  


Did the USA have human intelligence sources on-the-ground in regards to the
Soviet Space Program?  


What did the USA know about the USSR's manned lunar projects as they were
being actively prepared and engaged?  


What are some details about the array of methods employed by the USA to
acquire information in regards to the Soviet Space Program?


Were the Russians forthcoming about their manned lunar plans, at the time of
their on-going development?  What kinds of evidence is there for this?  (A
teaser:  When did one of the very first public discussions-as in a question
and answer series about Soviet manned lunar lander developments and lunar
aims by the Russians--take place?  Answer:  Not when the MIT professors
visited Moscow in 1989.  It was decades earlier.)


Why is there inaccurate information contained in US National Intelligence
Estimate documents on the subject of Soviet space?  (A hypothesis is
proffered, and other possible interpretations are also given coverage, both
in the text and back matter.)


Some answers to these questions (and more), as well as new materials--much
seeing print for the first time in an open publication, as well as
previously unpublished illustrations and graphics--coming in November.  (As
well as additional information and commentaries in the reference section.)




If anyone in the fpspace readership wishes to reserve a copy of the November
2007 "Chronicle" issue now, please contact the BIS.  

A contact e-mail to make further inquiries:


mailto:mail at bis-spaceflight.com/


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