[FPSPACE] The Discovery Enterprise: Luna Gaia

Alex Michael Bonnici albonnici at vol.net.mt
Sat Oct 13 02:31:42 EDT 2007

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Luna Gaia

We take our life support system for granted, we expect there will be a breathable atmosphere outside our doors, that rain will provide us with fresh water and our earth will grow our food. None of this can be expected for the settlers of Space and Sea. Settlers will require Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS), ways of recycling their life giving consumables. 
Considerable work has gone into learning how to do just that, Lloyd Godson received considerable publicity recently with his ground breaking underwater biosystem. Now the International Space University has produced a detailed report on a Lunar closed loop habitat:

Self-sufficient space habitat designed

by Carolyn Barry

SYDNEY: Australian-led scientists have designed a new space habitat that might one day allow astronauts on the Moon or Mars to be 90 to 95 per cent self-sufficient.

The development of such as system could save billions of dollars in shuttle trips to re-supply lunar or space colonies and brings closer the vision of a human habitat on Mars.

The technology could also have applications on Earth to develop more sustainable farming techniques and improve recycling processes.

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