[FPSPACE] "Almaz" on Almaz?

Bart Hendrickx bhen at scarlet.be
Thu Oct 11 18:06:15 EDT 2007

David Rickman wrote :

>I'm looking for reference material on the tale about Chelomei having
"Salyut 2, 3, and 5" on the interstage section?which joins?the Proton to the
Almaz station. >This much I've been able to verify through archived films
and photos. However, the story also suggest that "Almaz" was written under
this ejected section. That's >not likely. The area under the interstage is
thermal blankets, engines, etc.. no place for visible writings. There is an
area on both sides of the Almaz station belly >shrouded during launch where
"Almaz" could have been painted quite boldly.

> Can anyone in this forum give me information on the source of the original
"Salyut/Almaz" name story or enlighten us which any info they may have on
this > subject?

I think the original source for the story was an article by Nina Chugunova
in "Ogonyok" magazine, January 1993. She was quoting NPO Mashinostroyeniya
cosmonaut candidate Valeriy Romanov, who was talking about preparations for
the Salyut-2 launch. Romanov didn't specify where exactly the name Salyut
was painted, only that it was "on a jettisonable part of the spacecraft",
nor did he say that the name Almaz was painted right under it. He merely
said : "And so the station went into orbit as Almaz after all".

Bart Hendrickx

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