[FPSPACE] My novel, RED MOON, republished.

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Thu Oct 11 22:08:52 EDT 2007

Friends and partners...


My novel, RED MOON, has just been republished after a 6-year hiatus by a new action-adventure house called Breakneck Books. I actually went back and redrafted part of it to reflect the post 9/11 world, so you could call it an entirely new edition. Here's the Amazon page (sorry, long link):


Many members of FPSpace (including, but not limited to, Dave Harland and Mark Wade) contributed greatly to RED MOON and are properly acknowledged in the acknowledgements.

By weird coincidence of timing, seven years ago my RED MOON came out at virtually the same moment Michael Cassutt's book of the same name came out. And now, the new edition comes out just as a non-fiction book about Sputnik, Red Moon Rising, hits the stands. Sheesh.  

This time, one injustice has been righted: My first publisher insisted on a single byline (mine) since fiction books with more than one author tend to sell poorly (so they said— I've seen no evidence of this). So my friend and co-aucthor, Dan Brenton, who wrote maybe 20% of the actual prose and collaborated closely on the plot and characterizations, was relegated to my "thank you" page. The new edition has him properly credited as co-author.

Anyway, if you're looking for a ripping good read in the Month of Sputnik ought to give it a look!

Veritas et vita,

Dave Michaels

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