[FPSPACE] FPSpacer in the news re missile defense in Europe

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OK, so can we kick him off now? (at last!)

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Dave - 
The analysis that was posted on fpspace concerned the effectiveness of an
ABM system based in Eastern Europe against an unprovoked ballistic missile
attack on Eureope by a religiously fanatical Iran. 
You did not find those comments offensive nor "unacceptable". I though they
were insane.  The only way that I can see a missile attack being launched
against Europe is if US bases there are used to attack Iran.
E.P. Grondine
Man and Impact in the Americas
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Ed,I have become increasingly annoyed with your totally unprofessional rants
that are completely unacceptable for the list membership and the spirit of
the FPSpace discussion forum.   This is your last and final warning that if
you continue with these mean spirited comments and personal attacks you will
be permanently unsubscribed from the list membership.Dave WoodsFPSpace
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FPSpacer in the news re missile defense in Europe

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Phil Clark <phillipclark at btinternet.com>

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Is FRIENDS and Partners in Space an appropriate forum for this continued
non-space discussion?
Phillip Clark

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Jens - Speaking of evolution, somehow it seems very like a typical European
behavior to nearly completely slaughter the Jews, and then turn the
devastated remainder loose on the Moslems.E.P. GrondineMan and Impact in the
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Subject: Re: [FPSPACE] FPSpacer in the news re missile defense in Europe> >
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[FPSPACE] FPSpacer in the news re missile > > defense in Europe> > > > Hi  -
> > > > You're reference frame for analysis is wrong.> > > > Israel is
continuing to steal Palestinian land. > > > > Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and
Saudi Arabia all  have IRBMs.> > > > Analysis of US policy has to be
undertaken with in view of  those facts.> > > > E.P. Grondine> > Man and
Impact in the Americas> >  Ed,> >  I appreciate your candor. However, since
you argue your>  views at the most - eh, shall we say exoteric - level>
possible, it is about as meaningful to try to dissect>  and refine them as
it is to assist the neocons in>  tailoring the war on terror.> >  In a sense
one feels trapped between gangland verbal>  artillery positions, just as
when one is witness to>  proponents of classic Darwinism clash with
believers>  of the doctrine called Intelligent Design. Somehow>  it's
unbelievable that the hard work of millions of>  generations of human
forefathers is still not generally>  acknowledged in a theory of evolution
as the real force>  paving the way forward.> >  Just as Shakespeare's works
are neither the result of>  an army of monkeys blindly hitting the keyboard
nor the>  result of a telephone call from some archangel with>  literary
interests, but the manifestation into script of>  the mindset built up by
the author as he spent decades>  of years reflecting over human virtue and
human folly.> >  So, if control of the land of Israel has reverted to the>
12 tribes that lived there about 2000 years ago through>  their sufferings
in generations during the diaspora, then>  it's  inaccurate of you to use
the phrase 'continuing to>  steal Palestinian land'.> >  On the other hand
the heart-rending sufferings endured by>  the Palestinian people to-day must
lead them to eventually>  triumph and reap a reward, too.> >  That's karma
for dummies, and perhaps the contribution to>  the analysis of US ( and
Israeli ) policy that you call for?> > --> Jens Kieffer-Olsen> Slagelse,
Denmark>   > _______________________________________________> FPSPACE
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