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Jakob Terweij japio at dds.nl
Fri Oct 5 15:38:03 EDT 2007

Here is some news from the land of sputniks.
!0 days ago I was in Volgograd to find out the possibilities to visit
Kap Yar. Kap yar is an open village with cafe etc.
But Znamensk is still closed town (ZATO)But I was not arrested when I
was taking pictures of the KPP (gate)and the procedures.  Some
pictures from the wall surrounding the town anf
d some road signs, were enough for the fisrt time. I know now how to
go there and the price.Like I was at the gate of Baykonur and Svobodny
last year.
On the way back again by bus I stopped in Saratov to photograph the
Memorial at the landingsite of Yuri Gagarin.
Yeaterday we had a great party here in Korolov were they opened the
new Sputnik monument at Kosmonaut prospekt Everybody important was
there (from korolov) Daughter of Korolov < staff of Energya and a
busload of Veterans. I was with my 61 years the youngest in the bus.
After 2 o'clock nobody was working anymore in Sniimash, Energya Tsyp ,
KB Chimash and NIIIT there was everywere Banquet with a lot of wodka.

also check this out. Its the kaliningradka pravda from 22 september  
with an interview with me
Follow the text till yo see Kosmic dutchman with nice picture
I also was on local TV  so I am well known now overhere.
Offcourse I was not invited as a foreigner but I had my own party with
wodka and caviar. 4 and 5 oktober there was in Moscow also a symposium
about sputnik one in IKI organized by academy of sciences. Also this
week went in to premiere the new fil about Korolov , I'll wait for the
DVD.So tomorrow we have only the 69 years of Korolov town with dancing
part etc  so again wodka I have a hard time overhere . so on wednesday
Ill go home after 2 month in Russia

Jakob Terweij
j van Lennepstraat 249C
1053 JD Amsterdam

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Jakob Terweij
j van Lennepstraat 249C
1053 JD Amsterdam

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