[FPSPACE] Have von Braun's Monday Notes about Apollo been found?

LARRY KLAES ljk4 at msn.com
Tue Dec 11 16:59:58 EST 2007


One of NASA lost archive to be found

December 13, 2007, Tue 11:25 PM Science

One of NASA lost archive related to the Moon project Apollo containing the 
so called Monday Notes by Verner fon Braun might be found out, the newspaper 
Huntsville Times reported on October 27th 2007. According to Mike Wright, 
the historian of NASA Space Research Center, the archive might be kept in 
Atlanta Federal Archive.

The archive, according to space historians, might contain the invaluable 
information about the course and implementation of the project Apollo, which 
might change the existing perception of the project. Many historians, the 
newspaper highlights, compare the significance of the given archive to the 
Holy Grail in the Christian Legends of Western Europe.

Verner fon Braun was Director of Marshall Center till the beginning of 

According to preliminary information, the number of the pieces kept 
coincides with the number of boxes with Verner fon Braun notes. However, the 
intrigue remains, as no Marshall Center employee has already visited Alabama 
archive to get acquainted with the documents and determine their belonging 
to Verner fon Braun and the project Apollo.

Such a trip is supposed to take place till 2007 end. Marshall Center site 
does not say anything about the possible sensational discovery.

According to the information received, the new discovery is not related to 
another NASA lost archive, which contains the information about Apollo 
project results.

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