[FPSPACE] How many hundreds of kilograms of radioactivematerial does Griggin want to launch over Floride?

MattWriter at aol.com MattWriter at aol.com
Sun Dec 9 09:36:12 EST 2007

Thanks for the feedback.
I need to open this message with the caveat that I have no non-public 
information and am presenting nothing but my own thoughts.

WIth all due respect, I have to question whether your sources are giving you 
facts or just opinions.   If DoD wanted the Ares V, then you'd expect to see 
serious work being done on it, instead of what's happening today (almost 
nothing).   And for sure you'd see NASA pressing DoD to come up with some funding 
Now I am sure Thiokol/ATK is telling DoD "You guys really need our rocket," 
and there are briefings being presented, but DoD has rockets it paid for (heavy 
EELV versions) well along in development that will take care of any 
near-to-mid-term satellite needs.   As to putting really big stuff up, especially in 
GEO, EELVs may not be adequate, but DoD has no serious programs for a 
space-based laser or similar "monster-size" satellite.   It's all talk and viewgraphs. 
And keep in mind the EELV makers say they can expand on their designs to do 
almost an Ares V-class payload anyway.   

As I've said in my blog, I never thought much of the Ares I.   I think it was 
settled on long before a launch vehicle selection should have been made, 
mainly in the hopes of getting some momentum for the Constellation/VSE that would 
avoid its being easily killed by a future Presidential Administration.   The 
plan hasn't worked because the development program is way off schedule.   

The bottom line is, I have yet to see any evidence of a DoD "hidden hand" 
behind Ares, and I can't come up with a plausible scenario in which DoD desire 
for the Ares V even makes sense.   If NASA pays for its and proves its 
viability, then sure, DoD will look harder at it.    

Matt Bille

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