[FPSPACE] Ares & beyond

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sun Dec 9 08:52:00 EST 2007

     It is very sad for all us astronautics fans to see as it unfolds
that Ares is not, at the very least, an updated Saturn 5 with modernized
electronics, welding, parafoil, and contemporary new composite

    If Ares is basically a mega-SRB, it appears more as pork barrel for
Thoikol than the next step forward to a true RLV. If its primary task is
as a cargo rocket for launching robotic military payloads, we can be
agnostic about solids. But for human payloads, how can Americans of all
people let Robert Goddard's innovation be all in vain?


>Frankly  the Ares-1 is woefully inadequate for the task forcing
>launch  vehicle and manned spacecraft compromised ...
>... I can see them having to add solid motor strap on to the  large
>solid motor to help compensate which is a real  irony.
>NASA compromising safety by adding additional solid motors??? Say it 
>so? It's the U.S. Space Shuttle all over again! Wanna bet there'll be 

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