[FPSPACE] How many hundreds of kilograms of radioactivematerial does Griggin want to launch over Floride?

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A word to the wise the entire Ares program is based on the national security
need requirements as I was directly told openly by personnel from the White
House recently. The National Security, geopolitical leadership issues are
the why and the driver. The Lunar effort is merely a means to an end besides
the science and technology requirements and maintenance of the industrial
base greatly reduced in this nation required to support US National Security

Further the Ares-5 is being looked at as a major high earth orbit heavy
RECSAT launch vehicle with the advanced large telescopes long desired by NRO
and now finally possible along with other platforms under consideration.
Whether this will actually happen as presently conceived is uncertain. It is
just not for large astronomical space telescopes or manned lunar and
planetary flight. 

Frankly the Ares-1 is woefully inadequate for the task forcing dangerous
launch vehicle and manned spacecraft compromised and the press has picked up
on it but is afraid to write it up at this juncture from what I have heard
repeatedly. I can see them having to add solid motor strap on to the large
solid motor to help compensate which is a real irony. That leaves me very
concerned and that is my two cents worth.


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Sticking just to a couple of points that are not simply matters of


NASA hasn't completed executing the Brown amendment to everyone's 

satisfaction because Congress never provided adequate funding.   Not
Griffin's fault on 

that one.   


DoD has expressed zero interest in the Ares boosters.   With DoD committed

its EELV program, there is nothing Ares would add for them.   An Ares'

campaign might take less time than an EELV's, but DoD's large satellites are

not intended to be "rapidly" launched.



Matt Bille




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