[FPSPACE] Why don't, people check facts?

Robert Reeves reeves10 at swbell.net
Sun Apr 16 12:55:09 EDT 2006

> So why do the media not bother to check facts when putting together a
story?   I am old enough to remember the days when media journalists used to
properly research stories and double- and triple- check facts (aren't facts
boring when speculating is far more fun?!!) before putting anything into
> Nowadays they seem to happily reproduce unverified press releases and sit
back drawing huge salaries, thinking that they have done their job
> I despair at the standard of spaceflight reporting these days.
> Phillip Clark

Mr. Clark,

I fully agree with your lament about the sorry state of space reporting, and
for that matter
the reporting of science news in general.  In fact I even dropped my
Aviation Week
subscription (I had received it since 1960) several years ago because I was
tired of
seeing regurgitated press releases instead of sharp top shelf technical

The other day I came to the realization that when those of us who lived
the golden age of space exploration, either as a participant or interested
are gone from this planet, much of the hard fact and true drama of what
happened will
slowly be replaced with revisionism and legend.  Its kind of sad, but I can
fully see
the future day when Neil Armstrong's legendary purported utterance of "Good
Mr. Gorsky" will replace the thrilling "One small step..." in the minds of
future generations.
This type of future history will occur unless we can reverse the trend
sensationalist-driven "journalism" and restore fact-based reporting and

OK, I'll hop off my soapbox and hand it back to you professionals <g>.

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