[FPSPACE] New Web site - William Edmondson's Pulsars as SETI Beacons

LARRY KLAES ljk4 at msn.com
Sat Apr 15 18:01:05 EDT 2006

William Edmondson has created a setiblog for updates and information on his
research into pulsars (rapidly rotating neutron stars) as beacons for SETI.

The Web site URL:


>From the introduction:


This blog is about the analysis of 3TB of radio-telescope data collected at 
Arecibo as part of a Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence using a new 
targeting strategy reported in a journal article. The processing started 
shortly before Christmas 2005. Exploratory work of familiarization with the 
data format and some processing algorithms will eventually be followed by 
detailed reports on the data for each star studied.

The Web site has links to his papers on the subject as well.


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