[FPSPACE] Re: FP is under virus/spam attack

Allen Thomson thomsona at flash.net
Sun Oct 31 23:45:54 EST 2004

> For administrative and logical reasons, it is easier to implement a total 
> ban than a partial, i.e. tested, ban.

I agree that ASCII-only is a reasonable rule for mailing lists such as 
FPSpace.  An auxillary site for hosting non-text material would be desirable 
for those willing to use it, but not necessary.

> I still lose a huge amount of time and productivity preventing and/or 
> dealing with the fallout from an insecure world (cyberspace) not of my 
> making. It is quite  aggravating.

I'm a Windows user, get many dozens of spam messages and a good many attacks 
of one sort or another per day.  But I implement the usual range of 
protective measures, run my eye down the list of quarantined messages in a 
couple of minutes for false positives, and have had no adverse consequenses 
that I can tell. (Of course, I can't tell about those that may have escaped 
my attention...)

> Btw, in a few minutes it will be the 52 anniversary of the MIKE shot.

Videos of which are to be had at 

 > Happy anniversary.
 > And many more....

As someone who grew up and spent much of his adult life expecting to 
experience a successor to the Mike shot close up, I do hope many more 
anniversaries go by without such coming to pass.

Pax vobiscum, folks.

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