[FPSPACE] Space: The Final [Archaeological] Frontier

Chris Jones clj at panix.com
Sun Oct 31 12:18:19 EST 2004

> The November/December, 2004 issue of Archaeology magazine has a very 
> interesting article
> on space archaeology, which is online here:
> http://www.archaeology.org/0411/etc/space.html
> Before reading the article, can you guess when the first act of space 
> archaeology was conducted?

Spoiler alert if anyone wants to guess what the article says before reading
it (or this message).

Spoiler coming right up!

The article says that retrieving pieces of Surveyor 3, as was done by the
Apollo 12 crew, is the first act of space archeology.  What about Mike Collins
retrieving a micrometeoroid package from the Gemini 8 Agena target vehicle on
the Gemini 10 flight?  Two quibbling arguments that one could raise against
this:  the package was MEANT to be retrieved as a scientific experiment
(though not, I think, originally by the Gemini 10 crew), and the Agena was in
orbit, not dug up or discovered on the ground.  (On the other hand, so was
the Snoopy LM in the fictional part of the article, and that seemed to count.
The Agena was without power, so it was "wreckage", if that matters.)

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