[FPSPACE] Space: The Final [Archaeological] Frontier

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sat Oct 30 16:06:21 EDT 2004

Bautifully written!

  The Titanic treasure vultures proves that it is certainly necessary to protect Apollos & Lunakhods from future free marketeers making a profit from the Moon.* 

    Depending  on how one defines the 1st action of space archaeology, I argue for 

1. the tiny obelisk on the golf course at Auburn Mass., USA, & the wooden golf club house (Goddard's aunt's farmhouse)

2. Tskiolkovski's grave, house & the high school he taught at in Kaluga, Russia..

>>> "LARRY KLAES" <ljk4 at msn.com> 10/30/04 16:44 PM >>>
The November/December, 2004 issue of Archaeology magazine has a very interesting article
on space archaeology, which is online here:


Before reading the article, can you guess when the first act of space archaeology was conducted?


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