[FPSPACE] FP is under virus/spam attack

Chris Jones clj at panix.com
Fri Oct 29 14:37:12 EDT 2004

DwayneDay wrote:
> As some of you may have figured out already, it appears that FPSpace is under
 > another virus/spam attack.  Someone used one of my old, defunct e-mail 
 > to send a message (they tried the same thing several months ago, using my name
 > and then Jim Oberg's name--which I think they have lifted off an FPSpace
 > archive).

> And then there was another message from another e-mail address.  
> I deleted these things and suggest you do too.
> I agree with Mr. Kennedy (whose message did not come through on my machine, but 
 > whose subject line was clear) that this list-serve should NOT accept
 > attachments anymore.  They are easy virus vectors.  Changing the software 
to deflect
 > all messages with attachments is a good security precaution.

Ditto, ditto, and more ditto.  Sadly, we're not very special; this is a
net-wide attack, using a re-invigorated version of the BAGLE worm.  Here's
a link if you want to read more; other anti-virus vendors are also all over

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