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> Here is an absolutely unique book in Russian which i picked up at the Moscow
> airshow last summer. It should be translated into English.
> M.Y. Gofin  <molgof at dol.ru>
>         "Thermal protection and hot structures of reusable space vehicles"
> Basic principles of design, manufacturing and experimental development of
> thermal protection and hot structures of reusable space vehicles like BURAN
> and Space Shuttle are described.
> All parts of the book are illustrated by real results and data obtained in
> Russia and some other countries during creation of space vehicles of the
> mentioned type.
> The book is intended for students studied under specialist "Flight vehicles,"
> Technology of manufacturing of flight vehicles," "Testing of flight vehicles"
> as well as for engineers engaged in design and development of flight vehicles
> operating at high heat loads.
> UDK 629.782
> G74

ISBN 5-93612-007-4
Much  work on the TPS was done at the Mechanical Engineering Research
Institute, RAS, K. V. Frolov. Director. An American who has kept up his
contacts with this institute is Leslie Cohen, 310 749 7409, lescohen at aol.com
I think that the Russians have done much innovative work on hot structures,
BOR-4, BOR-5, MAKS, etc. NASA has not kept up. Someone needs to do a survey of
this technology!
So many books to read, and so little time!

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