[FPSPACE] Google gets into the IMINT business

Allen Thomson thomsona at flash.net
Thu Oct 28 10:01:45 EDT 2004

[Obligatory deacronymification:  IMINT = Imagery Intelligence]

Pointed to in today's NMIA ZGram (a great resource for intelligence junkies: 
http://www.nmia.org/ ).

 Google buys satellite image firm Keyhole
 By Matt Hines
 Story last modified October 27, 2004, 7:46 AM PDT

 Search giant Google said Wednesday that it has acquired Keyhole, a company 
specializing in Web-based software that allows people to view satellite 
images from around the globe. Financial terms of the deal were not 
announced, but Google said it has cut pricing for Keyhole's flagship 
software package, Keyhole 2 LT, from $69.95 to $29.95.

The acquisition of Keyhole underscores Google's efforts to widen its search 
capabilities beyond basic Web page results, as competition in the search 
sector heats up...

Keyhole, founded in 2001, offers software that lets Internet users view 
geographic images collected from satellites and airplanes. The technology 
relies on a multiterabyte database of mapping information. The software 
gives users the ability to zoom in from space level; in some cases, it can 
zoom in all the way to a street-level view. The company does not have 
high-resolution imagery for the entire globe, but its Web site offers a list 
of cities that are available for more detailed viewing. The company has 
focused most on covering large metropolitan areas in the United States and 
is working to expand its coverage.

The software lets viewers tilt and rotate an image. Users can also search 
for information such as the locations of hotels, parks, ATMs and subways.

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