[FPSPACE] Data on Buran tiles

Dmitry Pieson dpieson at acemat.ru
Tue Oct 26 14:24:18 EDT 2004

I got some articles in English covering this subject:


Voinov L.P. Thermal Designing of the BURAN Orbital Spaceship.  The thermal
and force effects on the Orbital Spaceship in space flight and at descent
from the orbit are considered. It is presented distribution of temperatures
and pressure on a surface and on this basis it is chosen scheme and
structure of the Heat Protection System. Method of definition of thermal
protection thickness for the Orbital Spaceship is stated.

Timoshenko V.P.Design and Experimental Development of the BURAN Thermal
Protection. General approach to thermal design and experimental development
of the BURAN Thermal Protection System is considered on the base of wide use
of computer methods, ground experimental facilities, flying laboratories and
large-scale flying models of the BOR-4 series. Calculation and experimental
methods of thermal processes modeling in thermal protection and the most
important elements of the construction are submitted. Problems of the
verification of used mathematical models and their application for the
analysis of standard and possible abort situations, as well as for analysis
of conformity predicted and actually received results during the BURAN
flight are discussed.

Dr. Gofin M.Ya. The Heat Protection Structure of the Reusable Orbital
Spaceship. The problems of creation of the Heat Protection System are
considered. The paper presents a description of the Heat Protection
structure and technology, history of its development, main properties of the
Heat Protection materials and coatings, prevention methods from destruction
and moisture. It shows possible application of the materials in another
fields of the industry. Problems of creation of the lightweight Thermal
Protection Structure (TPS) for the advanced Aerospace Systems are discussed.


If anyone is interested, I can send them to the personal e-mail address.

Dmitry Pieson

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> Hi all
> I'm looking for data on developement, composition and production
> of Buran TPS's
> tile.
> I don't need very accurate data (it's just for comparison with US Shuttle
> tiles) and unfortunately I can't read russian :)
> Any little help is appreciated.
> Luca
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