[FPSPACE] GPB and "redundant" science

DwayneDay zirconic1 at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 23 13:11:48 EDT 2004

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From: LARRY KLAES <ljk4 at msn.com>

>Since the money has already been spent and the satellite is in orbit, we might as well make use of its data.  

I never said that it should be shut off, simply that it was probably not a wise way to blow $700 million in the first place.

>Besides, in science it is always good to have more than one or two data points.

In science it is always good to spend money wisely.

>As for $700 million, the government wastes that much on a daily basis.  At least GPB is doing some real science.  And should I mention how much Americans spend on chewing gum every year?  $3 billion. 

Yeah, and how many billions spent on pizza?  Or popcorn?

This is an irrelevant argument.  The money spent on space is finite.  Therefore, it has to be spent wisely.  GPB was never a consensus choice as the best way to spend this money.  As I noted, critics warned that by the time it flew, somebody would probably be able to prove the theory--without spending hundreds of millions of dollars.


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