[FPSPACE] Monitoring 2 NASA satellites for 11 years proves frame-dragging

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Spinning Earth twists space
news at nature.com<mailto:news at nature.com> October 20, 2004

"Frame-dragging," one of the last
untested predictions of general
relativity, has been confirmed by
the first reasonably accurate
measurement of how the rotating
Earth warps the fabric of space.
Researchers charted the path of two
NASA satellites over 11 years with
laser range-finders with the
precision of a few millimeters. The
effect dragged...


This is what critics of Gravity Probe B claimed would happen--that before that spacecraft could return its results, the theory would essentially be proven by other research.  Ultimately, NASA spent $700 million on GPB.  As a colleague of mine once suggested, the people running the GPB project somehow proved to be excellent lobbyists, thwarting every effort to cancel it.


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