[FPSPACE] Russian hardware, lost cosmonauts, and more...

William C. Keel keel at bildad.astr.ua.edu
Fri Oct 22 10:32:10 EDT 2004

JimO egged me on a bit with this, and as a clone, how could I decline?
I just started a WWW page with some USSR/Russian space history bits -
currently a few pictures from the Moscow Cosmonautics Museum
and my earlier summary of the two Pervushin volumes, at
A few more pictures to come, from exhibits in Moscow, Utrecht,
Texas, and Huntsville, as the scanner warms up.

Our Ukrainian grad student pointed me to
which has some of his recent articles. Maybe most interesting is
the one about the lost cosmonauts, which includes not only a recent
picture of the Brothers Judica-Cordiglia, but a contemporary
picture (in uniform) of Vladimir Ilyushin. "He's not dead yet!".
That whole site is worth a bookmark, with some stuff put together
as references to (I gather) NK writing. Any time you need a list
of Soyuz landing sites, Sergei Khlynin's your guy.

Bill Keel

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