[FPSPACE] How cultural differences turn lemons into lemonade

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Tue Oct 19 09:39:35 EDT 2004

>or something like that.  So if a government employee in a government vehicle on 
>government business swerves off the road and kills someone, that person's family 
>cannot sue.*  This is based upon the old legal principle that "the king can do no wrong" 
>(there is some latin term for this).  I presume this extends to spacecraft as well.
>Interesting point.  The Latin is "Rex non potest peccare ".

    This is astonishing. I would have thought the protection of property rights in the US constitution would overide uber alles? In South Africa, people certainly sue the Government all the time for damage to property, as well as Provincial & municipal governments & parastatals. Here it is "We, the people..."          

-  Keith

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