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Alan Shepard had a Bible with him on his 15-minute journey in Freedom 7.

Buzz Aldrin made communion after landing the Eagle on the lunar surface in 1969.

And no doubt the Apollo 13 crew did a LOT of praying during their mission.


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This is kind of a random question branching off the earlier threads, but 
which astronauts have expressed  theological opinions other than those that 
were politically required at the time they were officially flying?

Many astronauts appeared to be fairly secular.  Soviets said the appropriate 
things, ditto Americans, though some of the early Americans seem to have 
gone off into New Age stuff.  There have been others who didn't look like 
adherents of the Abrahamic Big Three religions.  But how many have really 
talked about such matters in a manner that looks like a genuine expression 
of belief?

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