[FPSPACE] How cultural differences turn lemons into lemonade

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It's funny reading the reaction of the person who owned the apartment that got
smacked by the Chinese return capsule last week.  They actually considered this
a source for good luck.  

Had it landed on an American home, there would no doubt be at least several lawsuits 
and a condemnation of space exploration in general as a needless expenditure while 
there is so much suffering in the world - though of course space has nothing to do 
with the sad state of human affairs.


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Chinese capsule lands, hits building
Posted: Mon, Oct 18 7:15 AM ET (1115 GMT)

The return capsule of a Chinese spacecraft landed off-course
Friday and hit an apartment building, officials confirmed
Sunday.  The capsule from the FSW-20 spacecraft, launched
September 27, returned to Earth on Friday.  Chinese media
reports initially indicated nothing unusual with the
landing, but by Sunday state-run media reported that the
capsule hit a four-story apartment building in the village
of Penglai in Sichuan Province, coming to rest in an
apartment in the top floor. There were no injuries reported;
the occupant of the damaged apartment had left just five
minutes before the crash.  The capsule itself did not appear
to be damaged. No information was released about the
possible cause of the accident. 
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