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Reports in the UK this morning indicate a possible agreement between Blair 
and Bush to base "Son of Star Wars" weapons on English soil .

The location would probably be Fylingdales.

Blair brings 'son of Star Wars' to UK


A rather poorly-written article, starting with the fact that it refers to anti-missile interceptors as "ballistic weapons."  Ballistic weapons are ones that are designed to go up, and then come down on their targets (hence the requirement of an arc for the up and down part).  Interceptors will only follow a ballistic arc if they don't work, and then they'll probably burn up in the atmosphere.

I found the rest of the article hard to follow.  It's not clear what the heck they agreed to.  And although it's journalistic shorthand to call this new system "son of Star Wars," the reality is that the US has had some form of anti-missile program for decades, and there is no good reason to link this one to Reagan as opposed to any other project.  In fact, "Star Wars," the Strategic Defense Initiative, was much more of a space-based approach than the current system.


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