[FPSPACE] Weapons in space

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Sat Oct 16 10:35:17 EDT 2004

> you have to keep in 
>mind that the military services are parochial and that it was a pretty amazing 
>accomplishment to get the Navy and Air Force to cooperate together.  Parkinson does 
>not say so, but I wonder if this affected his Air Force career in any way.  It does not 
>always help in the USAF to be seen as collaborating with the US Navy.

  Believe you me, it is, in any country, even for the civilian ministries & departments, always
"a pretty amazing accomplishment to get the Navy and Air Force [or any X and Y] to cooperate together"!

   Maybe my major achievement in the early 1990s in my [voluntary, unpaid, part-time] duties in the ruling party was to get each of four different structures informed that they had three other science & technology policies. They were most surprised when I presented each of them with a gift of my photocopied collation of all four!  Such can be the uses of innumerate political scientists in the hard sciences   :)

  Likewise, treading on too many civilian toes also indicates that a sideways move might be the only chance of getting ahead in your career. And we haven't even discussed the martyred or marginalised whistle-blowers yet.      -    Keith

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