[FPSPACE] Genesis Mishap Investigation

Allen Thomson thomsona at flash.net
Sat Oct 16 19:30:14 EDT 2004

>>  [What criteria determines the use of the words "mishap investigation" 
>> instead of "accident investigation"? "Mishap" is a pretty wimpy word 
>> and yet NASA often uses it when the event costs tens of millions of

> It was used for Columbia also. It was called "Mishap Response Status"  but 
> I think it was changed to "Accident" after a while.

Remember "malfunction".  Also "anomaly."

I think people, particularly speaking in a corporate context,  just have an 
aversion to calling bad things by accurate names.

When I was looking into satellite vulnerability problems, it became obvious 
that "vulnerability" was not a good word to use.  More positive terms like 
"survivability" or, even better, "protection" were much preferred.

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