[FPSPACE] Titov & the lack of god: another detail

Carlos Herranz herranzc at teleline.es
Sat Oct 16 14:19:25 EDT 2004

I happen to be reading John Glenn's "A Memoir".

At the beginning of chapter 20, he recounts being the host to Gherman Titov in Washington
for the 3rd International Space Symposium of COSPAR, on May 3, 1962. Both of them were to
make presentations about their respective flights in the Life Sciences session, before an
audience of scientists from thirty nations, in the State Department auditorium.

Glenn writes (page 288):

[Titov] professed the official Soviet policy of atheism, as I learned when we fielded
questions at the end of our presentations. Someone asked, "In Communism you don't believe
there is a God. Did your space flight alter that?
	"Not at all," the cosmonaut said. "Only now there is proof for the Communist position. I
went into space and didn't see God, so that must mean God does not exist."
	"Did you see God in space, Colonel Glenn?" the questioner asked.
	"I didn't expect to," I said. "The God I believe in isn't so small that I thought I would
run into Him just a little bit above the atmosphere."

Carlos Herranz

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