[FPSPACE] Soyuz-ISS manual docking?

John Locker john at satcom.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 10:38:46 EDT 2004

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>From: "Zeger Nuyens" <dokter.nuyens at pandora.be>
>Subject:                 Soyuz-ISS manual docking?

This was confrimed during this morning's NASA TV live coverage of the hatch
opening , which was relayed for ESA TV into Europe  .
When the alarm sounded , at a range of about 100metres I think , the auto
docking was aborted and the Soyuz was actually backed off to about 200m.
A perfect manual docking was then achieved by  Sharipov.

At around 0725 gmt faint comms were heard here on 143.625mhz.....they were
then broadcast on the satellite relay about 2-3 seconds later , with a
convenient  translation into English .... At one stage , just prior to
opening the hatch , the crew were cautioned  that they had a "hot"
mic......although I'm not sure what comments   triggered that  reminder



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