[FPSPACE] IAC paper on Chinese lunar probes

Paolo Ulivi paolo.ulivi at tiscali.it
Sat Oct 16 04:33:43 EDT 2004

Paolo Ulivi wrote:

> Hallo FPSpacers,
> I have just received a copy of the paper "Mission Objectives and 
> Payloads for the First Lunar Exploration of China" presented at this 
> year's IAC Congress.
> Please email me if you are interested in a copy
> Paolo 

For those who have not read the paper, I will summarize it briefly. It 
is a description of the payload to be carried by the Chang'e I orbiter 
(whose launch date is said to be 2007) and its scientific objectives.
The payload will comprise
- A stereo camera and integrated spectrometer with three CCDs. Its 
ground resolution will be a rather low 120 m (compare to about 1 meter 
for Lunar Orbiter and 13 m for Clementine)
- A laser altimeter with 120 m accuracy
- A gamma and X-ray spectrometer. This particular instrument will be 
mounted inside the body of the probe, which in my opininion could create 
some problem since measures will be contaminated by the presence of the 
spacecraft structure. Gamma-ray spectrometers are usually carried at the 
end of long booms for this reason.
- A 4 band microwave radiometer to measure the temperature of the 
regolith and infer its depth. I remain convinced that this instrument is 
based on the radiometer flown on Shenzhou 4, although it operated in 
four different frequencies. The paper contains a CAD image of the 
radiometer and I will compare it with the images of the Shenzhou 
radiometer that appear in the Shenzhou DVD
- Various deep space environment monitors (particle detectors etc.)
The paper mentions "evaluating deposits of He-3" in the abstract as one 
of the scientific objectives of the mission, but this concept is not 
addressed further in the paper and I believe that this instrument suite 
will not further our knowledge of these deposits.

Note that several other interesting papers were delivered by Chinese 
officials at this year's IAC, but this far I have been unsuccessful in 
obtaining a copy:
"The Protein Electrophoresis Separation Experiment on Shenzhou - IV 
"The Development of Thermal Protection System of "Shenzohou" Manned 
"Highlights of China's Manned Space Program"
"A Guidance and Control Solution for Small Lunar Probe Precise Landing 

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