[FPSPACE] Weapons in space

Igor Lissov lissov-i at yandex.ru
Sat Oct 16 02:35:04 EDT 2004


> > Therefore, it is necessary to study the possibility of drafting 
> > special accords that would restrict "passive actions" like 
> > dual-purpose satellite systems. Ivan Meshcherikov, vice president of 
> > the Tsiolkovsky Academy, thinks that the new American system is a 
> > serious threat to Russia's entire orbital cluster, especially Glonass 
> > navigation and communications satellites.
> >
> > According to him, the United States is currently deploying new ground 
> > radars, which are primarily directed against Russian satellites. 
> > "Russia's Glonass navigation system and the United States' GPS have 
> > the same frequency and the satellites flying on similar orbital 
> > paths," he said. "Still we know that GPS can switch to different 
> > frequencies, and our satellites would be defenseless."

There are many problems with this section.

First, the source. Well, Ivan Meshcheryakov (the correspondent got his 
name incorrectly) *was* indeed in charge of Glonass development within
TsNII-50. But... he is rather old, he retired in 1988 and in his 1996 book
one can see both reasonable chapters on space systems and pure

Second, the reporter. People covering space in three largest
Russian news agencies (ITAR-TASS, RIA Novosti, Interfax) are not 
space educated. Of course they are self-educated to a degree, but as 
a rule they cannot see or check or correct even an obvious error from 
the person interviewed. (Kislyakov obviously integrated several reports
of different quality.)

And if a space-related statement is made by leaders of the country, 
then it is even worse because the reporters covering President and
the Government aren't space educated at all.

Third, the translation, a big problem too. 

So don't think too much on such reports.

Igor Lissov

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