[FPSPACE] AMC-15 satellite launched

Zeger Nuyens dokter.nuyens at pandora.be
Fri Oct 15 08:08:40 EDT 2004

The US comsat AMC-15 was launched today with a Proton-M booster. Some 
details about the Proton.

> MOSCOW, October 15, (RIA Novosti) - A Proton-M rocket lifted off from 
> Kazakhstan's Baikonur space center last night, inserting the US AMC-15 
> communications satellite into a preset orbit at 8.18 a.m. Moscow time 
> today. This spacecraft is now being controlled by the client, people 
> at the Federal Space Agency told RIA Novosti.
> The AMC-15 satellite's impressive throughput capacity places it on a 
> par with other state-of-the-art spacecraft relaying digital radio 
> broadcasts, satellite-phone calls and providing all-out Internet access.
> This 4.5-ton spacecraft has a 15-year active service life, catering to 
> North America, South America, as well as Caribbean countries.
> Talking to RIA Novosti, Alexander Bobrenev, spokesman for the 
> Khrunichev state-run spacecraft center, noted that the relevant 
> launch-services contract had been signed by the International Launch 
> Services (ILS) enterprise, which markets Russia's Proton rockets, as 
> well as US Atlas rockets, on the global market. The ILS comprises 
> Lockheed Martin of the United States, as well as its Russian partners, 
> namely, the afore-said Khrunichev spacecraft center and the Energia 
> space-rocket corporation.
> The revamped Proton-M space rocket, which orbited the afore-said US 
> satellite, boasts improved technical and environmental specifications.
> The Proton-M is fitted with a new digital guidance-and-control system; 
> moreover, first rocket stages fall over smaller areas than before.
> The Russian space rocket has become more environmentally-friendly; 
> among other things, the Proton-M engine's operational cycle drains its 
> fuel tanks completely.
> The Proton-M rocket, which features larger nose shrouds, can therefore 
> launch 100-percent heavier payloads with the help of advanced strap-on 
> boosters.
> The Breeze-M strap-on booster develops substantial thrust; moreover, 
> its engines are fired time and again; consequently, it becomes 
> possible to place satellites into a wide range of preset orbits; 
> satellite clusters can be launched, as well.


Zeger Nuyens
dokter.nuyens at pandora.be

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