[FPSPACE] Tuesday, October 12th. the Discovery Channel will berunning two programs on Rutan's SpaceShip 1

Robert Reeves reeves10 at swbell.net
Mon Oct 11 23:35:43 EDT 2004

> Don't read the list, huh?  As I noted, these actually ran already on last
Thursday, and again last (Sunday) night.  They're quite good.  However, I
think that each one is only one hour long.

Actually "Black Sky" was two hours long.  Fortunately I taped it so I could
skip through the 30 min of commercials jammed into it.

You are right, it was quite good and a recommended view if anyone missed it
1st time by.
I didn't know about Melvile's scare with the jammed trim tab on the first
100 Km flight.
I'll have to give him credit for pure cool.  Got the life-threatening
problem past him then jumped right
in with the M&M demonstration like nothing had happened!  Personally, I'd be
slipping back to
the head to find some toilet paper....<g>

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