[FPSPACE] Malashenkov and Laika

Igor Lissov lissov-i at yandex.ru
Sun Oct 10 03:14:12 EDT 2004


> these days quotes the 2002 information on Laika's death from Dimitri C.  
> Malashenkov from the Institute for Biological problems.  In the copy of his  paper 
> I've seen, though, there is nothing on this fellow's background or his  sources 
> of information.  Do we know if he was part of the project, or if he  has 
> reliable sources on this?  I've never seen an actual document.

In fact all reports in recent years tell the same story: Laika died because 
the temperature in her cabin rised too high. Chertok wrote this and Gazenko
wrote this and Malashenkov (he IS a reliable man) could have said this in
official report too.

Technical reason for this was the rush before Sputnik 2. They took an existing
dog cabin from a sounding rocket, added a Sputnik 1-like sphere  and attached 
this to the central core (2nd stage) of R-7. It was known before launch that
thermal conditions of the cabin would be really bad.

Igor Lissov

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